Natural medicine in Chile

Medical biomagnetism. The medical biomagnetism studies, detects, classifies, measures and corrects a fundamental alteration of the ph of living organisms and specifically humans.

Biomagnetismo Médico y Bioenergética Médica

Medical Biomagnetism. The Medical Biomagnetism studies, detects, classifies, measures and corrects a fundamental alteration of the pH of living organisms and specifically humans.
Enrique Herrera Briceño 904, Villa Tocornal, Talagante - Santiago - Chile

Consulta Naturista, Iriòlogo

Iridology, natural medicine and natural products.
Bulnes 380, Hualqui - Biobío - Chile

Natural products in Chile
Individual company, dedicated to the co merchantability of bee products, such as pollen, propolis, royal jelly, honey, beeswax. ...

Acupuncture in Chile
Valdivia acupuncture treatment for fibromyalgia pain, arthritis, lumbago, irritable bowel syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux, diarrhea, insomnia, anxiety, depression, work stress, fatigue, lack of energy, facial palsy,...

Terapias Naturales

Iridology, naturopathy, reiki, dowsing, ortho-molecular nutrition, bio-magnetism, new medicine Germanic naturism.
victoria 351 - Villa Alemana - Valparaíso - Chile

Ventas Naturales

agustinas 1022 -oficina 530 - Santiago - Chile

Terapias Complementarias

Harmonize your subtle bodies / tramiento / system of healing and reconnection physical reconextiva.. mental... spiritual.. / Treatment / therapies Bach flower.

When these disharmonies are maintained over time... these crystallize More...
Avda. Las Encinas 301 / Isla Teja - Valdivia - Los Ríos - Chile
Rpte: Lidia Quezada Moraga

Preventive medicine in Chile
We are dedicated to the sale and distribution of oxygen drops SynergyO2 is a nutrient and cellular oxygenator. ...

Homeopatía en los Estados Unidos -
Centro de terapias alternativas: iridologia, acupuntura, botanica, homeopatia....

Comercial Antulikan E.I.R.L.

Company dedicated to the manufacture, marketing and distribution of natural cosmetics based on plant extracts of medicinal plants and herbs and natural oils, based on the medicine of the native More...
cuevas nº 1230 - Santiago - Chile
Rpte: Sergio Romero C.

Terapias Integrales Complementarias

Complementary therapies are developed, such as magnetism, reiki, ear, ceragem massage table, quartz bowls sounds, all these therapies are complementing medical treatment for a better quality of life.
Mar de Drake N° 168 - Pudahuel - Santiago - Chile

Tao Terapias

Los Alpes 475, Villa de Villa Oz, Rancagua - O Higgins - Chile

Chiropractics in Chile
Wedges are the practical means for recovering as mass lesion from the patient is used, besides allowing ligamentous treating edema that the patient remains several...

Consulta Iriológica

Iriologica health evaluation, aimed at finding the source of disease and define ways that are conducive to normalize the function of the body and eliminate the conditions necessary to be More...
Concepcion: Tucapel 452. Dpto.502 - Hualqui - Biobío - Chile
Los Angeles: Almagro 250. Of. 609
Hualqui : Laas Violetas 17.- Nuevo Hualqui

Apiterapeuta Patricia

Alternative Medicine for diseases such as arthritis, tendinitis, depression, migraines or autoimmune disease.
Miraflores 205, chimbarongo - Chimbarongo - O Higgins - Chile

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