Digraf Insumos Gráficos

Digraf Insumos Gráficos

Manuel Montt 1064 - Temuco - La Araucanía - Chile

Telephone:45 2 313275
WWW http://www.digrafinsumos.cl
* Acrylics by plates and dimensioning
* Foamed PVC for plates and dimensioned
* Petg. by plates and dimensioning
* Foam for plates and dimensioning
* Pai
* Adhesives pvc, colors, ideal for cutting plotter
* Reflectivity
* Metallic Adhesives
* Adhesives and window view white digital printing
* Frosted Adhesives
* Fabrics pvc frontlite digital printing and backlight
* White base and coffee Imanflex
* Transfer transfer
* Transfer stamping, sublimation bowls, etc.
* Termovinilos
* Inkjet Photo Papers A4 and A3
* Opaline
* Adhesive carbon fiber
* Acrylic cutters
* Knives for plotter
* Spatulas adhesive application
* Micas


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